Underfloor heating systems are available for a range of floor surfaces including tile floors, carpet and floating laminate or bamboo floors.

The underfloor heating systems chosen by Warm Solutions offer reliable and economic heating for both domestic and commercial heating applications. Floor heating no longer needs to be cast in the concrete common in the late late 70's and 80's. Electric underfloor heating systems installed directly beneath the floor surface reduces the amount of energy required to heat the room. The unique self-regulating heating element and smart control systems further enhance the safety and economic benefits of the Generation4 system.

Installation of underfloor heating systems is relatively straightforward. The heating element is suited for renovations and new constructions. The heating element can also be installed on a variety of subfloors, including concrete and fibre cement sheeting. This makes it possible to install the heating on 2nd floor builds or renovations. The thin 1mm heating element does not require floors to be raised.

The heat generated from underfloor heating systems is evenly distributed in the room as compared with conventional radiators or central heating systems. With  an average floor surface temperature of 28 degrees, you could expect to maintain ambient temperatures between 18-20 degrees. Control is automated using smart controls, simply set the desired floor and/or room temperature and enjoy comfort heat.

Because of its ease of installation, and the simplcity of control and low running costs of underfloor heating systems, it certainly proves to be an attractive option for homeowners renovating or building their dream home.

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