Consideration to home heating should be given when building or renovating. When considering floor heating as your heating choice, your floor heating system should be controlled by floor heating thermostat type to operate the floor temperature range between 26 – 28 degrees C and the air temperature range between 18 - 20 degrees C for maximum efficiency. There are two main types of home floor heating systems available in Australia, namely hydronic slab and electric floor heating. Both radiant systems heat the floor, which in turn heats the room.

Modern home floor heating systems and controls offer superior comfort as compared with traditional slab heating and convection type heating systems. Convection heating systems heats the air and not the floor, where floor heating heats the floor more than the air. Convection systems hot air tends to remain at the upper part of the room creating a stuffy room. In addition to this, convection systems can be harmful to people suffering from allergies or asthma as air is circulated. Convection systems are mounted on the wall or rely on vents or ducts on the floor or walls. Radiant floor heating systems go underneath the floor and are invisible.

Hydronic Type Floor Heating Systems
In this type warm water is circulated in pipes laid under the floor. Usually 20mm PEX pipes are used. The water is heated up to 50 degrees C in a boiler and circulated through the pipes. There are cutoff valves controlled via thermostat to turn down rooms not in use. The pipes require very little maintenance, and the boiler requires maintenance on average every 5 years. This system is popular in colder regions with minor temperature changes and where heating is required for extended periods. Boilers connected to natural gas lines make this an economical option.

Electricity Type Floor Heating
In this type of system electric floor heating elements are laid directly underneath the floor finish. The main advantage of this system is the floor build up. It can be as low as 1 mm. The floor heating elements are installed onto of the subfloor (concrete or fibre cement), and then the flooring is tiled over using tile adhesive. This system offers the quickest response time compared to all other floor heating systems. An extensive floor heating system product range includes heating systems suited for installation under almost any type of floor finish such as tile, carpet, vinyl and timber laminates.

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