You may have noticed an increase in your most recent energy bill reflecting the recent 22% increase in the cost of electricity.

The unfortunate reality is that, with finite resources and carbon trading programs on the horizon, this upward trend in pricing is set to continue.

The energy and water Ombudsman Clare Petrie comments, "July 1 is a bad time for price hikes because it coincides with winter, Households are hit with a double whammy of higher costs and higher usage." (The Sunday Telegraph, 8/11/09)

In the long term, it pays off to invest in an efficient on-demand floor heating system. Contrary to common belief, the Speedheat & Coldbuster floor heating system we supply and install consume roughly three quarters that of an air conditioner and about 20% less than an in-screed type element. (A good way to verify this is to get a quote and consider both systems.) The Speedheat system will act absolutely as the sole heating system required for that area, presuming heat losses are controlled (doors and windows closed). The reason is double pronged -

* Radiant floor heating is more energy efficient for heating larger rooms.
* The tile-glue cable uses less energy to produces the same amount of heat and floor temperature as an in-screed cable.

Unlike air-conditioning systems, economy of in-glue heating is increased because the quick response and individual room/area control enables one to switch unoccupied rooms off. Projections based on the Australian government website and comparison with quotes of other in-screed cable companies.