Not sure whether floor heating is for you. Some benefits of floor heating explained below:

Comfortable even climate
Floor heating elements directly beneath the floor finish evenly radiated a gentle heat creating a comfortable climate within your home

Energy efficient
Offering the lowest design parameters on the market, Warm Solutions floor heating system designs are between 60-80 Watt p/sqm

Our floor heating cables are double insulated with Tefzel and has a full earth screen. Connected to a RCD circuit the heater is safe from shock hazards - even in wet areas

Floor heating does not emit volatile organic compounds or create any smoke

Draft free
Floor heating systems radiate heat from the floor up without air movement or drafts

Operation of floor heating systems is silent. There are not moving parts

More control
Thermostatically controlled floor heating systems give you total control of your indoor climate while programmable units allow for easy hassle free control

Allergy friendly
Floor heating does not circulate air or dust mites and does not emit VOC's making it asthma friendly

Floor heating systems offer flexibility in layout, with various models available for under tile ,carpet and timbers

Since floor heating elements are installed beneath the floor finish, there are no visible parts mounted on the walls

No more cold spots and no more hot spots
Even heat distribution across the floor ensures floor heating heats the entire room up evenly

No maintenance time or costs
As there are no moving parts, there is no maintenance with floor heating

Up-to-date form of heating that lasts the lifetime of the room
Installed correctly, floor heating will last the lifetime of the floor finish

Warm Solutions specialise in the design and supply of floor heating systems. For more information on the benefits of floor heating and which system best suits your heating needs, contact Alf on mobile 0425324840.