"The thin under tile floor heating system is perfect for renovations or builds where floor heights are critical as the heating element sits within the 5-10mm tile glue - no screed topping over the heating is required."



  • Large and small areas under stone, tile and floating floors 
  • New builds and floor renovation projects 
  • Residential and commercial environments 


  • Thin 2mm under tile heating system does not require a screed topping 
  • Quick to respond (within 15-30 minutes the heat can be felt coming through hard floor finishes) 
  • Ideal for inclusions in bathroom renovations 
  • Can be used as primary or secondary source for heating homes 
  • Low design parameters with heat outputs from 60 - 200W/m²
  • Thermostatically controlled (manual or automated) 
  • Low running costs 


  • The under tile floor heating system is installed directly onto the concrete floor, sand cement screed or even existing tiles, and embedded in the tile glue. 
  • Adding only 2mm to the floor height makes it suitable for new builds or renovations. 
  • In wet areas the thin floor heating is installed above the sand cement screed or waterproof membrane.


  • Cable Type - 2mm Single conductor with full earth screen, with Teflon insulation
  • Voltage - 230V
  • Output Power - Extensive range with outputs between 60 - 200W/m²
  • Cold Tail Length - 2.5 mtr 
  • Safety - IEC compliant 
  • Warranty - 10 Years