"Electric in slab heating taking advantage of off-peak energy rates is an economical heating solution for builds in cold climate areas or for underfloor heating polished concrete floors."



  • Large and small areas in concrete
  • New builds and floor renovation projects
  • Residential and commercial environments


  • Off peak storage heating
  • Suits many different flooring surfaces including timber, stone, tiles, parquetry and low pile carpet
  • Houses can be zoned so that each individual area that can be closed off with a door has its own thermostat allowing areas to be heated to different temperatures
  • Suited for new construction or concrete toppings
  • Can be used as primary or secondary source for heating homes
  • Affordably priced
  • No maintenance


  • The in slab underfloor heating cable is installed before the slab is poured by attaching it to the steel mesh at 200mm spacings (requires minimum 20mm concrete cover).


  • Cable Type - 6~8mm Twin conductor with full earth screen
  • Voltage - 230V
  • Output Power - Between 130 - 170W/m²
  • Cold Tail Length - 2.5 mtr
  • Safety - IEC compliant
  • Warranty - 10 Years