"The improved in screed floor heating system is suited for both large and small areas whose lower average heat design parameter makes it more affordable to operate compared to traditional in screed floor heating systems."



  • Large and small areas in screed, under stone, tile, carpet, vinyl and floating floors 
  • New builds and floor renovation projects 
  • Residential and commercial environments 


  • Double insulated, full earth braided tough 4-6mm in screed heating cable 
  • Fast to respond in thin screed beds (20-30mm) with heating coming through screeds within 1 hour 
  • Ideal for inclusion in bathroom renovation projects
  • Can be used as primary or secondary source for heating homes 
  • Low design parameters with heat outputs from as low as 80W/m²
  • Thermostatically controlled (manual or automated) 
  • Low running costs


  • The in screed floor heating system is installed directly onto the concrete floor or other suitable/stable sub  floor and embedded in a sand cement screed (max 50mm)
  • In wet areas the in screed floor heating is installed above the waterproof membrane


  • Cable Type - 4~6mm Twin conductor with full earth screen, with Teflon insulation
  • Voltage - 230V
  • Output Power - Extensive range with outputs between 80 - 200W/m²
  • Cold Tail Length - 2.5 mtr 
  • Safety - IEC compliant 
  • Warranty - 10 Years