underfloor heatingEfficient Home Heating Choice

Floor heating is considered the most comfortable form of heating since the heat is concentrated where it is needed most for comfort and efficiency.

As the floor is heated up, warmth radiates into the room gently and evenly resulting in a natural and comfortable heated space. And since the floor is warm, heat losses from our body are minimised since our feet are warm.

Floor heating is suitable for use under tile, carpet, floating floors, in slab and timber, and as every project presents unique site conditions and unique heat requirements, we offer a custom floor heating design for each project.

Our extensive floor heating product range includes:


The Warm Solutions Benefit

Choosing a Warm Solutions floor heat design guarantees an installation using floor heating products with a proven track record of quality and reliability.

Furthermore, a Warm Solutions design & install offers the following benefits:

  • Minimal running costs
  • No or low maintenance
  • Automated control & comfort solution
  • Silent & safe with Australian approvals
  • Affordable to install
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Reliable service


About Warm Solutions Underfloor Heating

We are a Sydney based business who have been heating floors across New South Wales since 2002 with energy efficient electric under tile floor heating systems. More recently we have added the new and improved Amuheat floor heating technologies to our offering, whose low design parameters also offer minimal running costs as compared to traditional in screed or in slab electric heating.

We design and install floor heating systems in accordance with our manufacturers guidelines as well as building regulations and practices. We ensure all systems are fully tested and are in 100% working condition before the floor heating system is commissioned. All systems we supply and all work we undertake carry a manufacturer and labour guarantee.

Over the years, we have installed single heaters in homes through to multi-storey apartments, housing developments, hostels and commercial buildings and believe our success to date is a result of reliable service, unparalleled expertise and superior hand picked floor heating systems that offer comfort, economy, efficiency & control.